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Cameron Crawford is the name of the hypnosis master who developed a full unique hypnosis course called Black Ops Hypnosis 2, also known as underground hypnosis or covert hypnosis. He worked closely with a guy who he only discloses as the Professor for two years to develop the most controversial and effective secrets of mind control. He is the only protg of the Professor and nowadays known to be among the most powerful experts of mind control in the entire world. The actual product is basically a course on various techniques of hypnosis. It comes in a series of training audio tracks which explain the mind control and hypnosis techniques in extreme details. It actually a first of its kind to hit the public market and the reviews and testimonials that are rolling back in are very positive. That can only be as a result of how effective and powerful the techniques are. There are 8 featured tracks to describe the various techniques of Dark Side Hypnosis. This course is basically for anyone with a need to get a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions on a social level. Its only intended for good use and by no means should it be used negatively. Read more...

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I feel totally comfortable and confident in recommending Black Ops Hypnosis 2 knowing it can be so helpful if you fully apply what they share.

Brief History Of Teaching Tales

San Diego-based psychologist Michael Yapko, in writing about effective methods of communication with hypnosis, claims that Stories as teaching tools have been the principal means of educating and socializing people throughout human history (Yapko, 2003, p. 433 italics added). Over time and across all cultures they have been used as a form of effective communication and education, passing on from generation to generation the attitudes, values, and behaviors necessary for survival and success in life. Stories like the biblical account of creation, the Australian Aboriginal dreamtime legends, or the myths of ancient Greece explain how our world came into being, how human beings were created, and where animals came from. We, as a species, have used stories to explain our world and its origins. These stories help us to define and understand much of what otherwise might be unexplained. In so doing, they also enable us to create our world. If our stories of the world are based on creationist...

Metaphors Built On Therapeutic Strategies

Two of the stories that I have developed to illustrate this communication of strategies through metaphor are Chapter 12's opening metaphors about managing pain, major illness, and the anxieties associated with medical treatment. The strategies behind Story 81, Blowing Away Pain, are based on the use ofEricksonian hypnosis approaches with pediatric hematology oncology patients (Jacobs, Pelier, & Larkin, 1998). They begin by stating

Storytelling Metaphors And Therapy For Children

Grendel and his mother Healing the traumas of childhood through dreams, imagery, and hypnosis. Amityville, NY Baywood. Callow, G. (2003). Magician The use of sustained simile in the alleviation of serious behavioural disturbance and acute dyslexia in a 7-year-old boy. Contemporary Hypnosis, 20(1), 40 47. Linden, J. H. (2003). Playful metaphors. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 45(3), 245 250. Olness, K., & Kohen, D. P. (1996). Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children. New York Guilford Press.

Play As Metaphor

In an award-winning article entitled Playful Metaphors in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Julie Linden claims, It is through play that children develop, and when development has been interrupted therapeutic play can heal (2003a, p. 245). Play is thus presented as essential to the process of maturation and the process of healing, serving several functions. Biologically, play provides exercise, develops physical skills, and offers release of energy. Intrapersonally, it helps develop personal mastery, mind-body interaction, and conflict resolution. Interpersonally, it facilitates the development of identity and social skills, while socioculturally, it models culturally appropriate behaviors and roles (Schaefer & O'Connor, 1983).

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