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A Leap Of Faith Getting Started With Homeschooling

A Leap Of Faith Getting Started With Homeschooling

The connotation surrounding homeschooling, at first, was one of being different, unusual, or perhaps even anti-social. However, todays view of homeschooling is becoming one of possibility. Homeschooling seems to fit the needs of both parents and students alike, and avoids many of the stereotypical interactions that teens, most especially, face today.

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This eBook guide gives you all of the tools that you need in order to provide a perfect transcript to the first choice college of your teenager, and gives them the ability to make an amazing scholarship. You will be able to homeschool your child all the way through elementary, middle, and high school, and still be able to provide a permanent record of your teen's progress through school. You don't have to go through an agency that tells you how to teach your own children at home, or cramps your own style of teaching, and tries to conform your family to society norms for education. You don't have to follow what they tell you! You can think for yourself, and so can your teen! All you have to do is follow the guide to creating a transcript at home, and you can have all of the tools that you need to get colleges to accept them and provide great scholarships!

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Safety first

Then do what is possible to show her your support and guarantee her safety, e.g. 'If the situation gets worse, I will consult the principal, the board, the police, a lawyer or the media. If it still doesn't improve, I can move you to another school or provide home schooling. I will keep going until the bullying stops. You need to trust me.' Make sure that you keep your word - you need to persist until she feels safe at school. Don't abandon your responsibilities by relying on her school to do the right thing. If it fails, she will feel abandoned by everyone. Eventually, you can empower your child to learn the appropriate skills to protect herself from any bully


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Sense of self

One area that is particularly problematic for Ben and I am sure many other autistic children, is his sense of self. For many years, I, Portage (the pre-school home education service) and anyone else working with Ben, spent a great deal of time and effort attempting to teach him that he was Ben. When I realized that Ben was not deaf, I very much wanted him to turn to his name or to know that he was the Ben that I was talking to and talking about. Every single day without any exception at all for at least thirty-six months I spent some time each day saying, Where is Ben - There he is and touching his chest. This actually proved more difficult than I first thought because if I pointed to Ben's chest and said There he is, he eventually learned to repeat my actions .fully believing that his chest and indeed everyone else's chest was this Ben that everyone was so keen to talk about I therefore tried with photographs of all the family, pointing out Ben. However he only noticed some tiny...