Storing and Disposing of Pesticides

• Store pesticides where children and pets can't reach them or in a locked cabinet.

• Store pesticides only in the container they came in. Never put them in a soft drink bottle or any other kind of container.

• Follow the directions on the label for the right way to throw away pesticides.

• Never use an empty pesticide container for something else.

The word Caution shows up on a pesticide label when a product is the least harmful to people.

Warning means a product is more poisonous than one with a Caution label.

Danger means a product is very poisonous or irritating. Use a pesticide that has this word on its label with extreme care because it can burn your skin or eyes very badly.


You can reach your local Poison Control Center by calling 1-800-222-1222 from anywhere in the country. Put this number next to all of your telephones and where you store your hazardous products.

When putting bug repellant on children, read ww all directions first. Do not use over cuts or broken skin. Do not apply to eyes, mouth, hands, or directly on the face. Use just enough to cover skin or clothing. Don't use it under clothing.

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