Questions to Ask

Do you sometimes use charcoal grills or small gasoline engines inside your home, garage, or closed-in porch?

Do you have an attached garage?

Do you sometimes warm up your car inside the garage?

Has it been more than one year since you or your landlord had your furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or chimney inspected or cleaned?

Do you ever use a gas or kerosene space heater or a vent-free gas fireplace?

Does your home have a carbon monoxide alarm?

Do you ever use the kitchen stove or oven to heat your home?

Do you sometimes forget to turn on the kitchen exhaust fan when using the oven?

Do some of the burners on the kitchen stove burn yellow or orange?*

Does smoke from the fireplace sometimes come back into the room?

Are your appliances and furnace in good shape?

Are the vent pipes for your furnace, boiler, or water heater rusty or falling apart?*

Do you have a gas water heater that does not have a vent?*

Is there rust, soot, or dirt on your furnace, boiler, or water heater?*

Is your furnace or boiler over ten years old?

Have you weather-stripped doors and windows or insulated your home?*

Have you closed off vent or combustion air openings?*

* See the Safety Checklist on page 26

* See the Safety Checklist on page 26

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