Questions to Ask

Fires and Burns

• Does your house or apartment have at least one smoke alarm?

• Where do you store matches and lighters?

• Have you talked about fire safety with your children?

• Do you have a fire exit plan in case your home catches fire?

• Do you use space heaters safely?


• Do you keep a close eye on young children at meals and at playtime?

• Do you pick out toys that are right for your child's age

Young children like to put things in their mouths. Balloons, toys, and toy parts that are small enough to fit into a child's mouth may cause choking. You also may not be able to get them out if they get stuck.

Watch Out Around Water

• Do you have a pool or does your child go swimming a lot?

• Does the pool you use have a fence around it?

• Does your child run around the pool?

• Do you ever visit lakes, beaches, or rivers?

• Do you watch your young children in the bathtub?

Pools are very dangerous for infants and toddlers. A toddler who falls in may die or get brain damage. Toddlers love to play in the water. But they don't know that even shallow water can hurt or kill them. Running children can fall down and hurt themselves badly. Children need to be watched around water at all times.

Carbon monoxide is deadly gas you can t see or smell. It comes from combustion appliances like gas heaters, furnaces, stoves or dryers. Car exhaust also has carbon monoxide. See the chapter on carbon monoxide on page 23 to learn how to protect your family from this hidden danger.

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