Other Common Asthma Triggers

• Cleaning products like furniture polish or dusting sprays

• Personal care products like hair spray or perfume

There are two main types of asthma medicine.

One kind you (or your child) take regularly to make the lungs less sensitive to the things that cause asthma attacks. It is important to take this medicine as prescribed, even if you feel o.k. It usually takes a couple of weeks to work. The other type is called rescue medicine.

You take this during an attack to help open up your breathing tubes so you can breathe better.

Some "everyday" asthma medicines are steroids. Some people may worry about them because they have heard stories about athletes who use steroids in the wrong way. Asthma steroids are not the same. Side effects of asthma steroids are also rare. Asthma patients usually breathe these medicines right into their lungs, so they only need a small dose.

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