Is There Moisture in Your Home That Could Cause Mold to Grow

• Has any part of your home been flooded?

• Has there been a water leak or overflow?

• Has the carpet gotten wet and stayed damp for more than 24 hours?

• Can you see moisture on walls, ceilings, or windows?

• Do bathroom walls stay damp for a long time after a bath or shower?

Do basement floor drains ever get clogged and hold water?

Does your basement or roof leak when it rains? (Check the attic floor.)

Does anyone use a humidifier?

Does water collect in the drain pan under the refrigerator or air conditioner?

Do you use unvented space heaters?

Is there a crawl space under the house?

Do you live in a humid climate?

Does rainwater drain toward your home's foundation?

If your home is raised, does water pool under it?

Does the air in your home feel clammy or humid?

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