The Birthday Party

I'm on my way to a birthday party but I'm feeling a little sad dressed in all my party clothes with a present in my bag.

I'm not used to being without my mum and I'm not at all that sure that I want to be dropped off, at this party and collected back at four.

We get there and I get out of the car the walk to the house seems very far my mother rings the bell on the door a grown up comes out standing tall they have a chat and say, "pick-up's at four" I see balloons and streamers they line the hall

My mum gives me a kiss and a bit of a squeeze I feel very sad and I've got trembling knees I try to be brave 'cause now it's too late my mother has just driven out of the gates

The birthday boy he is eight today he and my friends come up and say, "Come on out the back so we can play" but I'm not convinced I want to stay

I turn to my friend and give him his present he grabs it unwraps it and squeals with delight "A set of monster glow-in-the-dark PJs THANKS! I'll wear them tonight"

"Come and see my new racing car from my mum and dad with these controls it goes back and forwards, it's really not bad" but while I'm looking at his spaceship with the pop-up dome I'm really wishing that I was back at home

In walks his mother and says, "Food is on the table" and I think to myself, "Eat! Oh I'll never be able" but you wouldn't believe it, what a great spread it had all of my favorites on it, including fairy bread

I grabbed a party plate and piled it all up then poured my own drink in a red plastic cup we all finished eating, then an adult announced a surprise

"Kids go out the back, a magician's arrived"

Sitting all in a circle, we watch his great tricks as he waved his wand, we all laughed, as the rabbit in the hat, escaped on the grass

"I need a volunteer, who could try juggling these balls" I knew I could do it, as I've done it before my uncle has a fruit and veggie shop, which I visit nearly everyday where he's always juggling oranges and other things from his neat displays

And before I knew why my hand was up and pointing to the sky

I was feeling full of confidence and no longer was I shy

I took hold of the balls and would do my uncle proud as I did my juggling tricks, in front of a roaring crowd

Everyone was clapping and cheering and they all thought I was great then the magician said "I'm sorry kids but it's getting very late"

He packed up all his bags of tricks and said that he must go he would like to thank all the kids, especially me for helping with his show

We all played one more game of pass the parcel on the floor then a grown up came into the room, and said "It's five to four" I can't remember the last time that I had so much fun I looked up at the doorway, and saw my smiling mum arriving at the time she said, and not a minute late before I knew, with a lolly bag, we were driving out the gate

I didn't want to go home, I wanted to stay longer with all that delicious party food, you'd never die from hunger but mum said there'll be other parties, that I'll get to go to some kids might have them at their home, some maybe a trip to the zoo where they'll blow out candles and sing the birthday song and I will stand around amongst them and get to sing along

And now and again in the letterbox, hand delivered there will be a letter that is addressed especially to me I always open it up, in great anticipation and am very excited when I read in big letters INVITATION!!

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