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"George W. Burns is indeed a master in the art of using stories for healing purposes."

—Metapsychology Review, January 2003

"This is George Burn's best book yet. He leverages years of professional therapist experience to help individuals uncover insightful and practical solutions to the everyday life challenges encountered in the real world. The stories and metaphors hit the mark again and again." —Dr. Brian Alman, Author of Self-Hypnosis, Six Steps to Freedom and Thin Meditations

101 Healing Stories: Using Metaphors in Therapy celebrates the rewards of using parables, fables, and metaphors in therapy as a non-threatening means to help clients discuss problems and consider possible solutions. Just as stories have the power to enrich our lives, shape the way we perceive and interact with the world, and reveal the wonders of the human spirit, so too can they play an important and potent role in therapy. They can help people develop the skills to cope with and survive a myriad of life situations.

In this enriching guide, George W. Burns, examines the healing value of using metaphors in therapy and provides motivating story ideas that you can adapt immediately and share with your clients.

This inspirational, yet practical, book explains how to tell stories that engage your client, make your stories more metaphoric, and where to find sources for inspirational tales. You learn that using metaphoric stories and folktales in therapy can facilitate treatment, especially for clients unresponsive to other approaches.

This beneficial book includes:

• 101 stories grouped by desired therapeutic outcome

• Talking points such as specific insights, outcomes, or skills

• Shaded tabs for easy reference and selection

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101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens

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