Set a Homework Assignment

Ifyou know a child has enjoyed a recent Harry Potter movie and is currently facing a problem of feeling socially ostracized at school, you may set up a homework assignment by talking about Harry Potter's returning to school. Did he feel different because of who he is? Was he picked on by some of the students (being specific)? Were there others who liked and appreciated him (finding exceptions to the problem)?

The child can be asked to go home and complete the story before the next session, exploring questions like "Who do you think can help him solve this problem?" "What will he/they need to do to overcome it?" and "What will be the outcome and how do you think they are going to feel when they get there?" If the child is old enough, and has the appropriate literary skills, he or she may be asked to write about the story. If the child has good verbal skills you may ask him or her to come back and tell you the completion of the story at the next session. If the child's talents are more in the artistic area, he or she might be asked to draw a story of the characters and processes that take the story through to completion. You do not need to specify which medium a child uses, but allow the choice of each child's own mode of expression.

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