Recommend Books

There are two categories of books that may be beneficial. First, those that teach how to tell stories, and second, those that provide ideas or examples of metaphoric tales. In this book I have attempted to combine the art of storytelling with steps for creating outcome-oriented stories and a collection of illustrative story ideas. Though primarily directed toward therapists, it may contain helpful information for parents, grandparents, teachers, or caregivers who want to learn more about working with stories. As there are many storybooks for children, you as a therapist may like to check out your local bookshops or libraries to keep abreast of current publications to recommend to parents, or, alternatively, set parents the task of looking for books that meet their child's needs, whether they be overcoming anxiety, dealing with illness, managing anger, adjusting to the physical and emotional changes of puberty, dealing with peer pressure, building better social relationships, or whatever is personally relevant for the child. A guide to some ofthese is provided in the "Resources, References, and Other Sources of Metaphoric Stories" following Story 101, "Will You Be My Teacher?"

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