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As the days go by I wonder. I wonder how. I wonder why. I wonder where I'll be in ten years. . . . Hi I'm Steph, and I have been seated in this chair for the last three years. I hate it. Every mo ment I think of my mum! Thoughts, memories, disasters. It all floats up above in my head. I feel as if I'm locked in a cage and can't break through! How will I ever fulfil my life while being seated in this chair?

My brain is all I have. It's the only one I can trust but now I'm even turning on him. If you can't trust your brain you can't trust any one. I feel like all I have now is memories. Memories of when Mum died. Memories of when Dad died. Memories of when I was the only one to survive.

I always wondered if I would be taken away from all this, up above where no one can bully you, tease you, and even hurt you. I could live with my mum and dad up there. We could be happy, peaceful, and everyone would love me, and I would love everyone. I guess that's why they call it heaven because it's so peaceful. But what if Mum was split up from Dad? What if he went to heaven and she went to hell? What would happen to me? No, that would never happen. My mum's too good for hell. Any way that's a dream. I would never be taken, not while I'm with my Aunty Sue.

In case you haven't guessed the chair I have been talking of is a wheel chair and I've been in it for three years but the disaster happened maybe a year ago. It started when Mum and Dad were having a fight while driving the car. Mum wouldn't stop bickering about how dad drove and dad wouldn't keep his eyes on the road and that's when it happened. The car went out of control, spun and, wham, it hit!

I woke up with my aunt sitting over me. I was in the hospital. She explained that I was to come home with her. I was confused. Where were Mum and Dad? Where had they gone?

I refused to go home with her. I wouldn't go until I was told the truth. I had already guessed what had happened but I kept telling myself that it wasn't true, that they were OK and that they were at home resting and waiting for me to come home.

No, the year has past and my mum and dad have never returned. I'm alone with Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue is nice and all. I mean she brought me welfare, food, and a roof over me. She even brought home a puppy I named Pal. But that's not the point. I want, I need, I desire Mum and Dad to come home to me.

It'll never happen but I really wish it would. They always told me one day I would be able to walk again but now all that has faded away. The doctors are nowhere near finding an antidote to bring my legs back to life and I have left all hope behind in the smashed car that my mother and father died in.

Two Years Later

My legs are getting stronger by the day and I have become aware of the possibility that I could walk again! Yeah, at last I will be able to play soccer and netball and anything I desire because I will have the eagerness to run, walk, and cycle. I will defeat all sports and conquer any challenge because I will be alive again!

Well I'm still dreaming but the physio guy said if I put in a lot of hard work and do all the exercises and routines every morning and night I should be able to conquer the sleeping of my legs! If I stand and take a few steps every so often that will also help and then gradually I should be able to walk again. Aunt Sue isn't so sure. She said he could be getting all your hopes up for nothing but she said either way she would help.

As the months pass I get stronger and gradually I walk. At first I took a step and fell over but now I am stronger and can take seven steps. But once my legs get wobbly, bang I'm back on the floor. The floor seems to be my favourite place right now but soon the sky will be. Soon I will be running on the track and shooting on the court. There I go again, getting my hopes up. Aunt Sue keeps telling me to try a bit harder than I know I can do, because that way I will always get better.

Three Months Later

I'm doing it! I'm really running! Look at me go. This is the best day of my life. If only my mother and father were here then maybe it would be the most spectacularly best day. Oh how I wish they were here to see me run, to see me skip, to see me happy. Aunt Sue said they were always watching and were always here, so in a way I am with them and I am happy!

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