Outcomes Offered

■ Self-awareness

■ Self-acceptance

■ Genuine friendship

■ Family, community bonds

■ Personal satisfaction

I am a girl with no friends, nobody down here knows me, nobody really knows my name, where I am from, and most of all who I am. I am a girl from Beagle Bay, now in Perth at boarding school.

I am a girl in a new world—a world of thousands of Gardias (white people) who are all so private and unfriendly. I am Aboriginal, born in Beagle Bay, lived in Beagle Bay . . . until now.

The first thirteen years of my life were the best thirteen years of my life. I knew everyone in the community and everyone knew me. Everyone was friendly, I could go into anyone's house because I knew them or they were family.

My parents sent me down here because they wanted me to have a better education. I can understand that but I am so unhappy here. Nobody to talk to ... nobody wants to talk to me. When I look around me I seem to be the only black girl in this whole school. They all look like white, rich snobs to me. Gardias with lots of money.

Nobody was like that where I was from. Everybody lived on what they had—which they were happy with. They didn't show off about how much money they had, they didn't show off at all. Nobody had enemies because everyone was so kind and close. The whole community was like one big family.

Beagle Bay is my home. Not a rich bitch school filled with snobs—little goodie goodies they act like, and inside they are like . . . completely up themselves.

Being who you are is being how you act all the time, not hiding the real you and faking so you are better, so you think. . . .

You shouldn't have to be popular because you have the most money, or the most pretty face and perfect body.

You should be popular by the most friends you have and how nice you are.

But for me I don't care if I am popular or not. As long as I have friends, nice friends and they treat me well.

Being who I am is being a girl with a family and friends all around me—being in Beagle Bay with the people I belong to, fishing and swimming on my days off, not getting all dressed up and going out.

But most of all, spending my time and having fun with the people I love . . . my Beagle Bay family.

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