Outcomes Offered

■ Self-protection

■ Self-assertion

■ Skills in decision making

It all started when I was two and my father started hurting my mum. I remember this one time I was having a nap and I was woken by a loud bang down stairs. I got out of my bed and went down stairs. I went into the kitchen and saw my father pushing my mum around the kitchen. He pushed her once too many times and pushed into the dining room table really hard. She crashed into the table and stumbled to the ground. I started crying when I saw her hurt. My father saw me and rushed past me, out of the room. That day he broke Mum's thumb and I will always hate him for that.

When I was three and a halfwe stopped living with my father and started living on our own. My mum was working at her friend's hotel. That's where my mum met my new dad. He was complaining that he couldn't get his suitcase into the elevator with everyone else. He complained to Mum and she just said, "With those strong arms I think you could manage to carry your suitcase up two flights of stairs."

When I was five we went to live in Indonesia with my new dad. My mum and new dad got married there. After my new dad finished work in Indonesia he came to Australia, while we went back to England for Christmas.

In January 1996 Mum and I came to Australia, Dad picked us up from the airport and took us to our apartment. It was a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit. It was really nice.

My problems started again when my father started sending me letters. He spelt my name with 2 "Ls," instead of one. I told him that my name was correctly spelt with 1 "L." He insisted it was spelt with two and that caused another argument.

There has been many times over the years where my father has lied to me and hurt me emotionally, so sometime last year I told my father that I did not wish to speak to him anymore. That is my resolution for now. It might not seem much but I find it fine and at least I'm not getting hurt.

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