Outcomes Offered

■ Finding that what you give is what you get

■ Learning the law of cause and effect

■ Being considerate of others

Brett and Cameron were brothers. Brett was the older and the more adventurous. He was the one who tended to jump in and have a go at things, not stopping to think what might happen until after. Cam was the younger and more cautious, thinking ahead about all the possibilities that could happen.

One day Brett and Cam found themselves at home, alone. Their parents had gone out somewhere and thought the boys were old enough to be trusted by themselves now. Some of Brett's friends at school had been talking about being allowed their first drink of alcohol. Brett and Cam's dad liked to have a beer when he got home from work some nights. Their mom didn't drink at all. Whenever Brett had asked if he could taste his dad's beer, his mom jumped in quickly, saying, "When you are older."

Now that their parents were out, Brett thought it was a chance to see what alcohol tasted like. He didn't dare touch any ofhis dad's cans ofbeer since Dad would know how many were in the fridge and would notice if one was missing. He knew Mom kept a bottle of brandy in the cupboard that seemed to have been there forever. Brett poured Cam and himself a glass. "What if Mom finds out?" asked Cam.

"Don't worry," answered Brett, encouraging his brother to drink up. They drank a little . . . and a little more. It tasted hot and fiery. Brett didn't know if he liked it or not—but he had to pretend to be macho in front of his little brother, didn't he?

Again, Cam voiced his worry. "What if Mom sees the level has dropped in the bottle?" Brett hadn't thought that far ahead, but now he had a brilliant idea. "We'll pee in the bottle," he said. "It is the same color as brandy and Mom doesn't drink it. She'll never know."

Cam felt guilty for drinking the brandy without his mom's knowing, and more guilty for peeing in the bottle. Every now and then he would check the bottle in the cupboard—and was horrified to see the levels dropping. Someone must be drinking it! Was Mom a cupboard drinker?

He told Brett. "Don't worry," his brother said, but Cam did worry. He couldn't bear to think of his mom drinking what was in the bottle, so eventually he built up the courage to ask her. "Mom, I see the brandy in the cupboard has been going down," he tried to say casually. "I didn't think you drank."

"I don't," she answered. "I have been using it to cook your meals."

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