Outcomes Offered

■ Being accepted

■ Using your skills

■ Enjoying the achievement

Once upon a time there lived a ghost who couldn't scare a fly. He couldn't scare anyone but himself. So one day he had an idea. He was going to scare school. He had a witch as a teacher.

At the end of the day he went home to his father and asked, "How do you scare someone?" His father said, "It's easy, watch me." And the father scared a girl who was walking by so much that she dropped her book. "See, it's easy" said his father.

The ghost picked up the book that the girl had dropped and read it. It was about how to scare someone.

"I'll show them," said the ghost. "Rawww!!!!"

Everyone in his grade had run away except for one person—Sam Green. "Rawwww!!!" This was the biggest he could do but Sam Green wasn't scared. "Who are you?" said the ghost.

"I'm the greatest, scariest person in the school." So Sam taught the ghost all his moves. "You are as scary as me. You and I should have lunch." So they went and the sixth graders started laughing at the ghost, but he scared them right away.

Then they went to have lunch. After they had finished Sam told the ghost to come with him to his club. He went on and saw three monsters sitting at the table: Angus, Nick, and Leigh. "Hi" they all said. "Guys meet our new President I've been telling you about. All Hail!" "Now you can join the competition," Nick said. "All right, what do I do to get into practice?" asked the ghost.

The day came and they all went to the contest. There were heaps more. After everyone had done their scare, the ghost did his.

"And now the moment you've all been waiting for. The winner is Ghost!"

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