Outcomes Offered

■ A future-orientation

Nobody cares. No one, not even Mum. My dad left us when I was young. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a friend. Every kid in school teases me but I ain't got a clue why. I always go sit on me own and cry.

I feel real glum. I feel deflated like a pricked balloon. I feel a sharp pain in my throat when I try not to cry. So many people bullied me today. So much I ran home at lunchtime, crying. I felt so much pain. What did I do wrong?

It was 5:15 in the morning when I woke up and Mum still wasn't home. I wondered drearily were she was. I never saw her again and that was it. I still imagine her now that she was probably stoned at some pub or out being a prostitute.

As you know I've had a very tough life. I had decided to go and listen to Van Halen because they always help me when I'm feeling down. They make me feel like I am the king of the world and I can take on anyone (which I can't).

I'm old enough to look after myself now. I decided that I should start thinking about the future, especially a job. I tried lots of things but I never fit in—not anywhere. Why do I have no luck, whatsoever, with anything I try? I am starting to lose self-esteem.

So I decided this was it. I was fed up with life. So the next day I rode my bike up to the local quarry. I threw all of my belongings over the tall cliff first. Then I decided this was it. Just as I started to step off I heard the music of me dreams. It was VAN HALEN. Then I knew there was no point in it. I have a wonder full life ahead of me.

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