Learning from the Main Teachers

Usually, parents are the main teachers in a young child's life. In general, they are the ones who are there from birth, the ones who spend the most time with the child, and the ones who provide the role model for how to behave, interact, and respond to life's various situations. They communicate stories, in words and behaviors, that will teach the child about values, problem-solving, relationships, and other necessary life skills—whether helpful or not. I have long considered the most important role in life as that of being a parent, of educating our children, for this determines their future—and, indeed, the future of the world. If we are to help educate parents in effective ways of communicating the values they want to offer their children, the methods for coping with various life challenges, or the skills for enjoying a happy existence, we would do well to teach them the strategies for effective storytelling. In this way children can learn from the key teachers of their lives, the people who are primarily responsible for their upbringing and for equipping them with the skills necessary for life's journey.

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