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If you are looking for story ideas, there are many interesting Web sites that may offer inspiration. Be warned that sometimes you may need to wade through many tales before an idea leaps from the vast pool as one that will suit a particular child, presenting problem, or desired clinical outcome. Web sites are subject to change—at times rapidly—and, while those that follow were correct at the time of going to press, they may have changed since then. I hope they serve as the first wave to help you surf onto many more healing stories.

After Hours Inspirational Stories: Ah-Life Stories:

Animals, Myths, and Legends:

Bear Time—Stories, Songs, and Fun for Children: Bedtime-Story: Biblekids:

Child and Youth Health—Once Upon a Time: id=341

Children's Stories Online:'sStoriesHomePage.html

Children's Storybooks Online:

Clean jokes:

Ecokids—Say It with Words:

Internet Public Library (kids):

Internet Public Library (teens):


Kids' authors:

Kids' Stories:


The Macscouter: Indian stories: Metaphors We Talk By:

Parenting—Child Short Stories:

Room108 Kids' Stories:

Stories in a Nutshell:

Stories of Nasrudin:

Story Arts:

Story Palace—Children's Stories: Story Palace—Inspirational Stories: Story Palace: Jokes & humor: Storytelling in the Classroom: Wacky Web Tales:

Wonderworld of Fun—Small Stories for Little People: Zen Pursuer:

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbours: Zensufi Story Park:

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