In the next therapy session in which you consider metaphor is appropriate:

■ Experiment with involving the child in the healing story.

■ Listen to the metaphors they use to describe the problem and start to build your outcome story around their metaphors.

■ Ask them to join in the storytelling, helping the character to find a solution.

■ Set homework exercises for them to write out a healing story and bring it back to the next session.

She told me that she had sooooo much fun and she owed it all to me. Whenever she was on holidays she would be going to stay with Nicholas.

She never thought that she was the only one in her family ever again. In fact, she knew more family members now than before her parents died. She keeps a photo of her, Nicholas, and all of her relatives on our dressing table. I don't mind as it means a lot to her and it is important to her—just as much as I am.

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