And The Story Continues

Life is rich with stories: stories in theater, stories in books, stories in families, stories in our clients, stories in our experience . . . stories in life itself. If there remains just one more thing to say, it is something I hope has been underlying all that you have read so far. It is: Enjoy. Enjoy the process of searching for, reading, and collecting story ideas. Enjoy the preparation, planning, and presenting ofyour own healing stories. Enjoy observing the benefits of using stories in teaching and therapy. Enjoy the outcomes of your work and, above all, enjoy the children and adolescents with whom you work. They can relate in fun ways and, for those who may have lost some of the skills to do so, you can model warm, loving, playful, fun interactions for them through your own enjoyment.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of healing stories. I wish you well in your work and hope that your life stories are full of helpful, healthy journeys and destinations. How could I end but with the following story?

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