Whats Behind It

Every girl wants to be valued, to be popular. She may feel, at some point during her teenage years, that she really needs a boyfriend to help her achieve these goals. The media preys on these hopes and dreams of teenage girls.

Your daughter's most basic thought pattern is that she is valued for how she acts and what she looks like rather than for who she is. If she were parented by the media, this is where she would remain. She would be a girl who values looking good above all else. She would flaunt her sexuality as a way to get the attention of boys, and she would go to any lengths to keep that attention. She would be bold toward guys and ruthless toward girls.

But fortunately for her, she is not parented by her HDTV or her iPod. She is parented by you—and you have the opportunity to counter this media attack on her values.

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