It would be helpful if God would walk into your living room and tell you specifically who he has created your daughter to be. Things would make a whole lot more sense. He could explain why she is going through this or that stage, and you would be able to finally say with a sigh of relief, "Oh, now I understand what's happening."

But most likely he won't speak to you in quite this way. He will reveal to you who he has created her to be in the subtleties of who she is rather than in his obvious, direct voice. He will speak it to you in the way she loves a friend who is hurting. He will show you in how she handles herself after a major loss in basketball . . . or a victory. He will reveal who she is as she listens to her grandmother's stories and in the way she treats a forgetful waitress.

As you watch your daughter through the years, you will continue to discover who God has named her, and as often happens, when you are looking for a little good, you will likely discover a lot. You will see more and more of the unique characteristics God has placed inside her—and those characteristics all combine to make up her name.

Since you will not know her singular, God-given name, you can name her often from the vastness of all that is welling up inside her.

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