The Role Of Moms

As a girl develops, her mom changes just as much as she does. She starts off as the best Band-Aid-putter-on-er and crossing-the-street-hand-holder of all times. She then becomes a pretty good carpool driver and soccer cheerleader. What seems like weeks later, she passes through a stage where she is not really good at anything and becomes much less intelligent than her daughter.

She doesn't know anything about fashion—or friends—or especially what other kids are allowed to do. Finally, she regains all her intelligence and actually knows a lot about life and relationships. It is amazing how much a mother can change in nineteen years.

Obviously, moms don't really change in these ways. In actuality, many girls feel that their moms are the most stable relationship they have—which also makes them the easiest target. What changes is not the identity of the moms but the roles they are allowed to have in the lives of their daughters.

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