The Gift of Safety

"The role that my grandparents played in my life was invaluable! Their home served as another sanctuary for me."

Girls need safe places other than home. When a daughter is sad, sometimes the best thing in the world is for her to spend the night with her grandparents and be embraced by love, warmth, and a home-cooked meal. When she is angry with one of her parents, her grandmother can add a little humor and help her understand a little more of the parent's humanness (without eroding her respect).

Of course, not all grandparents are safe. Some are adjusting to their aging or their own life issues that prevent them from being a safe outlet for their granddaughters. But if there is a grandparent available who can offer stability and kindness, warmth and compassion, and a home a granddaughter can retreat to, then that girl has access to a ready sense of safety and connection that is of profound importance.

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