Filling the Holes Addictions

Another option for plugging holes is to fill them with something else. For many adolescent girls, these hole-fillers are destructive. Drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and self-mutilation are a few of the ways that girls try to fill their longings. Rather than feeling the longing, they do something dangerous that will take their mind off the disappointment. We will talk more about these fillers in chapter 9.

This kind of longing is opening yourself up to pain. Filling the holes is another way to deaden that pain. The problem is that the holes still leak, so trying to fill them becomes even more frenetic. As we know, drugs lead to more drugs. Drinking one night a week doesn't cut it for very long. Bodies ravaged by eating disorders must get thinner and thinner to be attractive in the mind of the anorexic. With self-mutilation, the scratches have to get longer and deeper or occur more frequently.

It is as if filling holes only makes the holes deeper. These girls quickly end up on a path to self-destruction unless they get help. Their emotions are still there; they're just buried beneath a lot of self-destructive dirt.

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