Emotions And Personality Development

We have a friend named Bailey who is a goldendoodle. She is one of the newer, hybrid breeds of dog: half golden retriever, half standard poodle. She has the warmth and devotion of a golden, with all of the spunk, personality, and curls of a poodle. She is a great deal like your Autonomous-age daughter.

Your daughter is a hybrid as well. She is half girl, half woman in these sixteen-to-nineteen years. Her emotions are reflective of that mix. She wants independence but needs belonging. She wants to be admired by those close to her but is idealistic in terms of what that admiration looks like.

From sixteen to nineteen, your daughter's emotions and personality continue to mature, and as she matures, there are four statements that characterize her needs in the Autonomous Years.

J "Just trust me" J "Pay attention to me" J "I just want to be accepted" J "That would never happen to me"

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