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See the Learning."

See your chiId's play and learning online exclusively with the Lurning Path.

r i snacks chocolate for...

the gals at daycare

Bars this thick and chunky are only made by hand. No wonder they were reviewed in Vogue. (Lake Champlaln Chocolates, Five Star Assorted Five Pack, $17.95; individually, $3.80 each)

your goofy sis

Who needs a card? The witty wrappers (other patterns Include Gelt Bar and ChoCOALate) make a statement a by themselves. (Blooms- ^ berry & Co., $5)

the holiday toiler

Just hung 50 feet of twinkly lights? She deserves one of these—white chocolate with a meitaway center. (Hershey's Bliss, $4 a bag)

the localvip

What do Barack Obama and Mariska Hargitay have In common? Both are said to be fans of these salty caramels. (Fran's Chocolates, $5)

your tween

This mod-looking line comes in about a dozen flavors—from Perfect Peanut Butter to Orange Appeai. (Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bars, $3)

a classy coworker

The Elle Woods of chocolate bars looks as chic as a kitten heel, but is smartly Fair Trade-made. (Divine Chocolate, $3.30)

and you!

Like a demitasse of espresso, these bars are tiny but serious: Their dark chocolate is 55 to 70 percent cocoa. (Green & Black's Organic, $1.59)

your crunchy babysitter

Each pack holds three individual mini-bars—and a healthy dollop of certified-organic righteousness. In milk and dark chocolate. (Seeds of Change, $4.29)

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