Swine Of The Times

Recycled from wool sweaters, Piglet Crilter's destined for snuggles. ($26; eco-arf ware.com)! and up >

■mber/january 2010


Your baby won't know it's last year's model. Babies don't know anything.

Come to think of it,

. for kids

1 SPORTY SPICE With tennis,swimming, and soccer stars, plus eight other Go! Got Sports Girl dolls, you'll find-the perfect one for your own jockette. ($22.99: gogosportsgirls.com) 3 and up

TOP CHEF "Eighty-six the pancakes!" She'll whip up brunch for the whole family with the wooden Tabietop Stove. ($70; rosiehippo.com) 3 and up

3 BEST IN SHOW There are 49 poofy purses in all, and a breed for every dimin-

> utive diva in your life. (Chinese Crested shown, S49;fuzzynation.com) 6 and up ,

4 JUST FORTHE HALIBUT Collect .matches in the Fish SttSc game based on • species and the direction they're swimming,($14.99; amazon.com)6 and up

■'.. HEDGEFUN The spinning wheels and easy-to-grip handle make the Hedgehog Rolley ideal for busy tots to lean on. ($16:rasiehippd.com) 1 and up - ->


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