lolder is part of □ three-piece set (pencil case and sma I bag not shown), Also in red and lime-green. ($t .99. al Ikea slores)

BUG OFF The Hexbug Nano's 12 angled legs gyrate like crazy. It switches directions and flips over when turned on Its back. ($7.99:

BRIGHT IDEA Tweens can use these lluarescenl pencils as funky highlighters; little ones will iove to scribble with them ($7.50 for six; spoon sisters, com)

WHO? Handmade from alpaca wool, precious Little Owls line up or. a mantel, bookshelf, or windowsiII. Other colors available. ($10 each:

LET IT SNOW Hang the Snov/flake Ornament on the tree ar in a window. Also available as a wreath or a f'owe'. ($6 each, or three for $15.

GARDEN VARIETY For your favorite apartment dweller: Just water Garden-in-a-Bag and watch it grow. Forty-five plants ovailable. (S8:

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