your i health by Amy Beal your new years antiresolution you resolve to lose ten pounds. But after three guilt-ridden doughnut disasters, your goal's toast by February. Sound familiar? Unless you've got white-knuckle willpower, typical resolutions are bound to fail, says David Palmiter, Jr., Ph.D., from the American Psychological Association. Instead, set yourself up to succeed, RESOLUTION: Lose weight SOLUTION: Determine why you want to shed pounds ("I want to lose weight to gain energy," for example), and make that your focus. Keeping your eyes on the prize will make choosing healthy foods easier. Slipups? They're simply learning opportunities—tomorrow's a new day! RESOLUTION:

SOLUTION: Start small. Thinking you have to make cuts across the board can be overwhelming, leading to even more money stress. Choose one change a month, like spending less on dinner out with the girls. Having a potluck instead means plenty of bonding, sans the bill. RESOLUTION: ith family

SOLUTION: Make a list of the five things that matter most to you, then make another one of bow your time's spent. Chances are the lists won't Aiiatch —bills do have to be paid—but you can work at it. Ask, "What decisions can I make today to see more of my family?" From choosing not to work late to postponing an errand, the closer you can make the lists, the more family time you'll snag. >

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3 bites you need to know today

Dutch researchers say they've found why a good joke can eighty-six a funk. The brainpower used to "get" the gag redirects our mood. The more complex the joke, the better it is at banishing the blues.

the heart ot a mother... Pregnancy may up the chances of developing metabolic syndrome, risk factors of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, reports a new study. At your next checkup, ask your doc about your odds, especially if you have a history of diabetes, including gestational, or If you have more than one child.

wonder tea... Sipping white tea may help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and arthritis, thanks to its powerful antioxidants, say British researchers. Bottoms upl anxiety, or fatigue. If the spasms don't go away in a day or two, have a more rhythmic to-and-fro movement, or come with any arm or hand numbness, call your doctor. He'll need to see the movement to make an accurate diagnosis.

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