5-minute drive to the park. 2-hour wait for the tow truck.

EXIDE® Batteries.

Start Positive. Stay Positive."

Reliability. Whether you're running an errand or going to the park to play fetch with your best friend, you need a battery you can rely on. Exide NASCAR" Extreme'" batteries feature our advanced Silver Shield protection, which stands up to heat corrosion and combines superior anti-shock design with long-lasting starting power. In other words, it keeps on going so you can too. Want more positive news? Go to

Exide Technologies- Alpharetta, GA 30004-6532. Exide is a registered trademark of Exide Technologies. NASCAR1^ is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.

quirky new year's deals

Every year, less-than-perfect gift-giving leaves folks desperate to unload unwanted stuff online. Prep for the cheap (or even free!) haul by doing the following now; i set up an rss feed Do a | search on Craigslist or eBay ("Nintendo DS," say), then click the RSS button at the end of the page. Whenever someone lists the item after that, a regular feed will deliver the ad to your desktop.

2 Join a swap site That other mom might not allow DVDs, but let her kid's loss be your gain! Check,, or

3 sign up with freeeyele The website (a .org, not a .com) sends e-mails listing things others in your area want to give away. Yep, for nothin'.



less than $100

more than $200 20%

I'm trying to forget!

— poll

When the right hand doesn't know what the left is spending, all kinds of calamities can result. Restore order by taking these two steps:

Start talking Set up a regular money meeting to coordinate bill payments and purchases, timed to the joyful arrival of each paycheck. My husband and i do it every week. Make sure you both track the account balance online and, more important, keep a joint check register. It's old-fashioned, but—because your online record can lag—it's the best way to keep a real-time tally of your cash flow, switch to cash Using debit can lead to overdraft fees because banks sometimes allow purchases to go through even when your balance is too low, and then they assess a fee. (Ask about your bank's policy.) Instead, use this basic budget method: Add up your core monthly expenses (rent or mortgage, utilities, food, etc.), then subtract them from your monthly take-home pay. Unless they Ye p re-deducted, take out the amounts you set aside in retirement and personal savings, too. Divide the sum left over by four—that's the cash the two of you can spend each week. Ask MP Dunleavey your money questions at

steal this idea! As soon as your kid starts earning—by shoveling snow, babysitting, etc.—put a matching amount (so she can keep what she's worked for) in a Roth IRA. Just $1,000 deposited at age 12 will grow to nearly $100,000 by age 65, assuming a 9 percent return.

our money

My husband and I can't keep our joint checkbook balanced. Now that we're in high-spending season, I'm worried! What can we do?

Lj Real moms, real cash problems. Check it ouf at decern ber/janu a ry 2010

Kids have never-ending imaginations! Good thing there's Aquadoodle, the no mess, chemical-free drawing toy that never runs out. Aquadoodle allows your child to draw using a pen filled with water. When the water dries, their drawing magically disappears, so they can doodle again and again! Conveniently folds for easy storage. j^Il^S^OSii

Inspired by the wildly popular Disneyland® & Disney Worldattraction, Toy Story Mania! brings classic Disney PIxar Toy Story characters together as they stage their own fun-filled carnival. Get ready for the ultimate in 3D family fun! Bring the Mania home for the holidays!


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Wii and the Wii logo are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo.

The Secret to Supercharged Stain Fighting Is Revealed! ARM & HAMMER1 Plus the Power of OxiClearv detergent. Supercharged OxiClean® stain fighters and the muscle of ARM & HAMMER' Baking Soda are even better together to get out tough stains!

The best-selling educational handheld just got better! Now kids can play more than 40 learning games on the go, then connect online to unlock downloads and exciting new worlds of fun and learning! Parents can connect to the ground-breaking Leapfrog Learning Path to see their children's progress in recent games and get ideas to expand the learning!

Priced around $59.99. Games sold separately, priced around $24.99. I

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