Info december/january 2010

TOASTY TOES ^Good-looking and oh, t so cozy, these soft, fleece-lined Hearthslde Beaded Moccasins are a pleasing pick. Also In navy and red. ($39.95: libean..corny

2 BIRD'S-EYE VIEW The Humm ngblrd Feeder ¡5 beautifully etched on'recycled glass, brightening any deck or backyctfd. (»$40; , t KEY TO MY HEART Load the Digital Pnoto Frame Keycha^n with up to 60 shots' of your babe—your mom-ln-law will flip! (,$19.99;

THE COAST IS CLEAR Whether you slide In pics or your kid's drawings, these , Photo Coasters will be the talk of dinner at 1 Nana'S. ($8 for four;

SALT OF THE EARTH TheWlnterbe^rles de-icing sali not only prevents slipping. it ¡eaves the front walk smelling dlv ne.And il's a whole lot easier to carry lhan Iho^ 20-pound bags. ($16;

GETTHE MESSAGE Add watet and in a week, a bean will sprout and open to reveal a smiley face and one of five messages. (316: 1 >

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' IN HER SHOES Suoer-cute Mar/ Jane boolies for babies and ioddiers come in 15 styles, including zebra, faux mink, and tapestry- ($10;

SOAP STAR This shiny bauble shimmers on Ine Iree; after the holidays, use Ihe Chocolate Mint Bubble Balh inside. ($5; pierl .com)

RISS AND SHINE Who wouldn't wanl lo wake up to this sweet Iroggy Mini Travel Alarm Clock? Also comes shaped like a cupcake. (S10:

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