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With the relative-wrangling, wallet-wringing, and last-toy-on- , the~sheif wrestling, the holidays can send you right up a tree. And HHH that's so not the point! How to sail through with your sanity intact

By Deborah Skolnik

The holidays ore here again. Ho, ho.../tort' are you going to deal with them? Because while the season's fun, it can be stressful, too, especially for moms. Whether you're knocking yourself out getting ready lor guests or having the annual fight with your husband about whom you'll celebrate with this year, there are plenty of coal lumps mixed in with the candy canes. But don't worry: We asked you to share your biggest holiday peeves, and, in the nick of time, we've got expert advice on how to handle them. Read on.

OVJgh! As usual, I'm feeling a lot of pressure to invite my obnoxious cousin to my holiday party just because he's family. Can 1 not include him?

Oh yeahr it's tempting—chocolate-lava-cake tempting, Brad Pitt tempting—to pretend your cuz's invite just got "lost" in the mail. But don't do it. "Part of personal growth is learning to deal with people you don't like," says Kathleen Hall, Ph.D., founder and CEO of the Stress Institute in Atlanta. Even if you feel you're fully grown, thanks, she adds this caution: You're only postponing the inevitable, since you'll surely see him at some other family function. What you really need to do is figure out ways to keep him from getting under your skin when he's double-dipping nachos and telling sexist jokes. For starters, Hall advises, "Invite him to bring a

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