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ladder of success

This fun climbing toy adds color to any | cage. ($12.99; drs ^

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Your bird will love hanging with his very own bungee ($9.99; super}

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With an extra skylight door, this is one super-snazzy cage. ($69,99; >

Colorful feathers, lilting songs, and a low-maintenance routine are just a few reasons a bird can be an ideal pet. "They're pretty easy to care for—you don't have to walk them or scoop their poop, and they don't shed fur or scratch the furniture," says Larry Nemetz, a veterinarian and owner of the Bird Clinic in Orange, CA. But to succeed at bird ownership with flying colors, you have to keep certain things in mind:

seme species are mere family-friendly than ethers Budgie parakeets are popular because they're gentle and can talk; cockatiels can often talk, whistle, and do tricks. Want less lip? Canaries and finches are beautiful but only chatter softly, you'll need a vet Check in with one soon after you buy your birdie to learn how to handle and care for it; after that, annual visits are a good idea, your bird wltl want to spread his wings Make sure his cage is big enough that he can flap without touching either side, or else he'll be uncomfortable. (Don't let him out to fly free, though—he may get confused and fly into a window.) Place the cage in the living room or bedroom, not the kitchen; fumes from things like cleansers and disinfectants can be hazardous.

he'll go for the greens Besides pellet foods, seeds, and grains, most birds need table scraps like kale, lettuce, and carrots (don't worry, your child will be only too happy to fork 'em over).

your feathered friend Is fragile Supervise to make sure your child handles him gently. "It's very easy to squeeze a bird and block its airflow, so stay close by as they interact,™ says Nemetz. —Jennifer Kelly Geddcs wingin' it |

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Stuff it full of treats and toys, ond fet the party begin. ($5.49; drsfoster


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| eciding what to call a pet is always | hard, but a few guidelines can make it easier: 0 keep H simple Stick with something that's two syllables max, so it's easy for even a small child to say. 9 avoid any name that sounds like a common command, especially if your pet's a dog, says Grant Biniasz, a spokesperson for the Veterinary7 Pet Insurance Company, in Brea, CA. Dub your collie Joe, for instance, and he may think you're saying "no" every time you call him! (Also resist giving your pet a moniker that's similar to your child's, or they'll both end up confused.)

9 give your kids some say They probably have an opinion on whether your family's new BFF looks more like a Rover or a Kibbles. And if you let them pick a name, they'll have a sense of pride and ownership—which may7 inspire them to take on pet chores. Just make sure the name they select isn't something you'd be embarrassed to use in public (imagine screaming "Come back, SpongeBob Square Pants I" at a beagle who's slipped his leash).

0 try to name your pet within the first two weeks so he'll come to learn it (dogs are more likely than eats to eventually respond to whatever you call them). If your pet came pre-named and you want to change it, try out your new name for two weeks; if your fuzzy friend can't adjust, go back to the original. —Teresa Tobat

animal attraction

We know you've gaf some super-cute photos of your kid with your pet—how about sharing them with us? We may publish them here or online! Send your snaps to [email protected].

€7% of you will replace your pet when (sniffle!) the time comes. poll

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