And The Stinky Diaper Goes To december/january 2010

Jon & Kate Gosselin

AH, SO THIS IS REALITY AWARD The golden couple of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 watched their empire Implode last summer as season five of the show premiered o crumbling marriage to almost 10 million viewers. Sharing their kids' every tantrum and potty accident with the world at large has earned them a best-selting book, a milliondollar house, an endless tour of well-paid speaking engagements, and a fast scooter ride to complete and utter shambles, Hey, Nadya, watch what you wish for.

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman

EIGHT (MORE) IS ENOUGH AWARD We can hardly count the ways in which Suleman has earned her poopy Pampers. When the publicity-hungry single mom of six learned she'd have eight babies (all conceived with donated sperm via in vitro), she paraded her engorged midriff for the paparazzi and appeared on Today a week postcesarean; when the tups' 3-month birthday approached, she began talking about a reality-TV show featuring her brood. Given the spectacular success of Jon and Kate, we say: Good luck with that. december/january 2010

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