Taking Care of Me

Sometimes, even adults forget that simple strategies like eating healthily and getting enough sleep helps us regulate our moods and behavior much better. This is an activity book to help children learn and use some self-care skills.

Waking Taking Bath Eating

There are many ways people can take good care of themselves. If you take good care of yourself, you will have a stronger foundation for coping with day-to-day stressors like frustration, disagreements with friends, problems at school, and so on.

One way to take good care of your body is to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. If you eat healthy foods, your body will be stronger to help fight germs and cope with stress.

Draw some healthy foods you like.

Goodnight Take Care

Another way you can take good care of yourself is to get a good night's sleep.

Check off any items that help you sleep better.

□ Using a "white noise" machine

□ Comfortable pajamas

□ Reading to yourself before bed

□ Having someone read to you before bed

□ Having a healthy bedtime snack

□ Having a special blanket, toy, or doll to sleep with

□ Snuggling with someone before bed

□ Sucking your thumb

□ Listening to music

□ Having a bath or shower before bed

□ Having some warm milk

□ Getting a hug or kiss goodnight

□ Turning on a nightlight

□ Going to bed at a reasonable time

It is also important to get lots of physical activity to keep your body healthy and strong. Physical activity also helps you release tension and anger, and even makes you feel happier. What physical activities do you enjoy?

Draw a picture of you doing something physically active.

Do you enjoy any of these physical activities? If so, put a smiley face next to them.

• Climbing trees

• Playing hopscotch

• Throwing a football

• Chasing bubbles

• Puddle jumping

• Swinging on the monkey bars

• Playing Frisbee

• Swinging high on a swing

• Building a snow sculpture

• Running through a sprinkler

• Going on a scavenger hunt

• Playing at the playground

• Playing freeze tag

• Stirring cookie dough

• Having a pillow fight

• Playing miniature golf

Self-care also means making sure your body is clean and that you take care of any illnesses and cuts or grazes you have.

Here are some reminders of ways to help your body stay clean and healthy:

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day—once when you wake up and once you when you go to bed. Use toothpaste and don't forget to brush your tongue, too.

• Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

• Wash your hands after using the bathroom or blowing your nose.

• Check for ticks each day and check for lice on a regular basis. Ask a grown up for help if you can.

• Shampoo your hair at least every few days, and comb or brush out any tangles.

• Use deodorant if your armpits are starting to smell.

• Wash your hands before eating.

• Wash any cuts or grazes and put a Band-Aid on any open or bleeding sores.

• Wash clothes after wearing them, especially underwear and socks.

There are many more ways to keep your body clean and healthy—can you think of some?

Create a comic strip using a Band-Aid as the main character.

Part of taking good care of yourself is also knowing how to relax and calm yourself.

Draw a picture of a place where you feel calm.

List some things that are calming to you.

Do you have a special friend or someone special you can turn to when you need support?

When you are having a difficult time, what helps you feel better?

Pick out a color you find soothing, then color or paste it here.


In case of emergency, it's always good to be prepared and know who to call.

Emergency phone numbers

Parent/guardian _______________________________________

Poison control _______________________________________

Safe grown ups I can call

My address and phone number

My Action Plan

Something I will try to get a better night's sleep_____

A fun physical activity I can add to my day_____

A calming activity I can do when I need to relax or quiet my mind

Safe grown ups I can talk to when I need support or have questions

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