Sewn Memory Creations

When a special person passes, there is no doubt they can leave behind plenty of clothing that can be difficult to let go of. You can turn the person's clothing (and even linens) into several types of creations. Even if you are not handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread, perhaps a family member or friend is. Otherwise, seek out a professional to facilitate the project. It is worth the time and effort!

• Make a "stuffy" for a little one who is grieving. Choose a soft piece of clothing and design your own stuffed doll or animal. The child will have a special item to snuggle with when missing their loved one.

• Make a pillow out of the person's favorite T-shirt.

• If the person had a collection of ties, you can create a pillow or a seat cushion by connecting and sewing the ties together. The ties in the picture are now part of a little boy's pillow.


• Create a quilt from the person's T-shirt collection (some people may have a collection of sports team T-shirts, college T-shirts, environmental causes T-shirts, etc.).

• Create a quilt from various pieces of clothing that you particularly enjoyed.

• Remove labels from men's or women's clothing and then sew them together to create a small change purse or evening purse.

• Use old linens to create handkerchiefs, napkins, or sachets as gifts at a little girl's tea party or family reunion.

Of course, the more material you have the more you can create. Any of these items make great gifts for others who are grieving the same person.

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