Power Animals One Step Further

If your child or client enjoys using power animals, you can take it further by doing the following:

• Make a power animal collage.

• Illustrate a power animal totem pole.

• Look at a book on animal medicine.

• Make a stuffed animal of the child's power animal.

• Make a power animal bracelet/necklace (see p.41-44; you could make a power animal charm using the shrinking plastic or you can find a bead of the power animal).


A child who resists change and transitions may do well with a snake for a power animal. Snakes remind us to "shed our skin" and accept change. The snake was made from recycled tights, buttons, and ribbon.

A snail is a great power animal for a child who is working on goals around impulsivity or hyperactivity. This snail was made from socks and cotton stuffing.

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