• Cut a piece of scrap fabric to be your warrior's cloth or armor. You can even wrap your warrior in aluminum foil if you want armor that's really shiny. Glue and wrap the material around the clothespin.

• Find some scrap paper or aluminum foil to tightly roll into "arms." Cut arms into desired shape and glue onto sides of warrior.

• Glue some yarn or string onto head if hair is desired. You can also construct a helmet out of paper and glue into place.

• Draw the facial features.

• Create a sword and shield out of cardboard and then cover with aluminum foil. I also prefer using shiny, textured paint samples (from the hardware store) for this part of the project to add some fun detail.

• Glue sword and shield onto warrior's hands.

The child can visualize the warrior helping to fight off their worries, or shielding them from their worries.

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