• Have a discussion with the child about a goal he or she is working on.

• Brainstorm all of the steps the child needs to take to reach that goal.

• Put the steps in simple, sequential order.

• Now draw stepping stones on paper. Write the steps onto the stones in sequential order.

• Have the child decorate around the stepping stones.

• What is the child's reward for meeting this goal? Have them draw the reward at the end of the path.

• Use this as a visual aid to guide the child on what they need to do next to accomplish the goal.

On the following pages are some stepping stone charts you can photocopy for your own use.

My goal is:

My goal is:


GOAL MET!!! My reward:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 2:

My new super power:


Girls tave

So per power, foo/

Girls tave

So per power, foo/

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