• Fold your piece of fabric in half and sew along each side.

• Turn the bag inside out so that the seam is now hiding.

• Make three small cuts (about half an inch or 1cm) in the fabric along the top edge of the bag. Do this on each side of the bag.

• Weave the ribbon through these holes so you can tie the bag shut when needed.

• Use fabric paint to paint a skull and crossbones or princess crown onto the bag.

Helping Children Manage Unstructured Time

Whatever your role is with a child, you will have heard the proverbial "I'm bored" and "Can I play my video game or watch TV?" Children seem to struggle with unstructured time these days. Coping with boredom is a skill children need to learn. Try to teach children early on to be creative with their time.

On the following pages, there are many ideas for activities that children can do with a few minutes of unstructured time.

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