• Have each child choose at least one square of cloth.

• Encourage the child to think of a worry they have and then to think of a positive outcome they would like to see happen or a prayer they would like to express.

• For those children who know what prayers are and are comfortable with the term "prayer," they can actually write out their prayers as they would in their own religion. If the child does not come from a particular religious or spiritual practice (or the child is too young to write yet) they can express their desired outcome with a picture or statement of hope.

• Gather a long piece of string or twine and attach the flags to it with safety pins or glue. If using glue you will need to fold over the top part of the flag and glue the flag over the string.

• When the prayer flags are hung and dry, find a place outdoors where they can be strung in the breeze.

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Specific Interventions for Grieving Children

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