• Choose a clothespin to be the doll's body.

• Cut out a piece of scrap fabric and glue it around the doll's body. You can also wrap yarn or embroidery string around the body for clothing.

• Next, create the arms. Some children prefer pipe cleaners—I just snip the pieces we need and glue them on. Other children have preferred tiny sticks or Popsicle sticks broken to size. You can also use tightly rolled paper for arms.

• Next, cut some yarn for the doll's hair. I usually cut several strands about the length of the doll's body. Gather the strings and tie one more string around the center. Now you can glue this knot onto the doll's head and this will secure her hair in place.

The worry doll is now complete! At any time the child can whisper his or her worries to the doll and the doll will hold onto those worries for the child.

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