• Gather your trinkets and items ahead of time. For example, for a pet's memory stone you may use such items as: the tag from their collar; a piece of their fur; a small toy they loved to play with; pet-themed buttons from a craft store; medium-large heart-shaped buttons or beads.

• Prepare for cement making—lay out the newspaper someplace level. Get your gloves and mask on and prepare for a fun but messy project.

• Follow the directions for mixing the cement according to the cement bag. Pour or scoop cement into your plastic mold. Again, if you have decided to use an old pan or even a sturdy cardboard box, make sure every part of it is sealed in plastic, such as a garbage bag.

• Set the cement in the mold someplace level. Jiggle the mold slightly to allow the air bubbles to surface and for the cement to settle. If you are using cement with rocks in it, this will also help the stones to settle to the bottom of the mold, leaving a smoother surface for your memory stone.

• If water settles at the top of the memory stone you can dab it with paper towels.

• When cement starts to congeal you can start decorating your stone. Do your lettering first, such as the person/pet's name. Then add your items/mementos around it. Make sure any objects you push into the cement are pushed in well enough to stay put but also visible.

• Allow the stone to dry and "cure" according to the directions on the cement bag. If this stone is going to be walked on, such as in a garden, then give the stone ample time to cure otherwise it will crack under the weight of people's feet.

Now the stone is done! When it is cured you can place it outside in a special area. If you enjoy making these stones, you can make an entire path leading to a special quiet space where you can go and remember your special person/pet/loss. You can also place the stone at the bottom of a tree or plant that you have planted in their memory.

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