Pirates Survival Guide

Many children these days are struggling with multiple challenges related to poverty, addictions, and family tension. It can be very difficult for children to put words to these experiences and even harder to express their needs and feelings around them. However, if you externalize their problems it can make it easier for them to do so. A Pirate's Survival Guide is a child-friendly tool to help children talk about how to cope with multiple challenges as well as express their feelings about them. It is geared to counselors working with children.

Pirates For Children

A Pirate's Survival Guide

Pirates had a lot to deal with.

Sometimes, just as a pirate got settled into a new port or village, it was time to pack up again and head back out to sea. Some of them moved often to increase their chances of finding treasure. Some pirates moved often if they were in hiding—the more places they moved to, the harder it was to find them.

What do you think it was like for a pirate to "be on the move" so much? I think it must have been...

What do you think were some advantages to moving often? I think some advantages were.

What do you think were some disadvantages to moving often? I think some disadvantages were...

This is Scallywag Skip

Coping Skills

Scallywag Skip wants to know: "What would you do to survive moving so often?"

If I had to move a lot I would "survive" by...

Some pirate captains were notoriously cruel and crabby. What do you think it was like to live with a captain who was cruel and crabby?

Draw a crabby pirate captain here.

Being CrabbyTatouage Dessin Soleil

If the pirate captain was being crabby, how do you think the pirates on the ship acted around him or her?

I bet the other pirates...

Scallywag Skip wants to know: "What would you do to survive living on a pirate ship with a crabby captain?"

I would survive living with a crabby captain by...

Many pirate ships were crowded with pirates and the things they needed to bring for the long journey, such as tools and food. Space was limited and there was little, if any, room for privacy.

This is called "living in tight quarters."

w <aQr=p»e How many pirates can you draw on this ship?

Coping Skills

Pirates also had to deal with other problems of living in tight quarters— things like lice, cockroaches, rats, mice, and bedbugs. Some ships even had cats on board to eat the mice and rats.

Scallywag Skip wants to know: "How can I help keep lice from spreading quickly on the ship?"

Sometimes pirates drank too much rum, ale, and beer. How do you think they acted when they drank too much?

I think they acted...

Draw a picture of a pirate who has had too much to drink.

Survival Coping Skills Board

Scallywag Skip wants to know: "What are some ways I could take care of myself and keep myself safe when others are drinking too much?"

Tips for Scallywag Skip:

Many times, pirates were a bit rough with each other. Many pirates swore and some got into physical fights. What do you think it was like to be around so many unruly pirates?

What would you do if you were on a pirate ship and a fight broke out? I would.

Now, just for fun, pretend you are the captain of a \ I /

pirate ship.

First, what is the name of your pirate ship?

My pirate ship is called...

And what is your pirate name?

My name is Captain...

Trauma Coping Skills Chart

What are the rules of your ship?

Kids Coping Skills

Design your ship's flag.

Coping Skills For Kids

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