Negative Slow Wave

This long-latency slow wave has been described in infant ERPs by Karrer and colleagues (e.g., Karrer & Ackles, 1987) and Nelson and colleagues (e.g., de Haan & Nelson, 1997; Nelson & Collins, 1992). The NSW has typically been observed to follow the Nc and occurs when infants detect the periodic appearance of an unfamiliar stimulus in a presentation of otherwise familiar stimuli (Nelson, 1994). The NSW may represent neural processes underlying the detection of novel events against a background of familiar events, under conditions where an unfamiliar stimulus has not been previously encoded into memory, but not the updating of memory for the unfamiliar stimulus (a process represented by the PSW) (Nelson, 1994).

Generally, the NSW has not been observed beyond the infancy period (Nelson & Monk, 2001).

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