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How Parents Can Maximize Children's Cognitive Abilities

Wendy M. Williams and Robert J. Sternberg 169

Parenting Talented Children

David Henry Feldman and Jane Piirto 195

Play in Parent-Child Interactions

Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Ina C. Uigiris, 221

and Marc H. Bornstein

Everyday Stresses and Parenting

Keith Crnic and Christine Low 243

Parenting and the Development of Children's Peer Relationships

Gary W. Ladd and Gregory S. Pettit 269

Health Promotion for Parents

Barbara J. Tinsley, Charlotte N. Markey, Andrea J. Ericksen, 311

Alan Kwasman, and Rebecca V. Ortiz

Parenting the Ill Child

Barbara G. Melamed 329


Parenting in a Multimedia Society

Aimée Dorr, Beth E. Rabin, and Sandra Irlen 349

Choosing Childcare for Young Children

Alice Sterling Honig 315

Family, School, and Community Partnerships

Joyce L. Epstein and Mavis G. Sanders 407

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