Chapter 8 Sibling Caregiving

Patricia Zukow-Goldring 253

Chapter 9 Parenting in Divorced and Remarried Families

E. Mavis Hetherington and Margaret Stanley-Hagan 287

Chapter 10 Lesbian and Gay Parenthood

Charlotte J. Patterson 317

Chapter 11 Parenting and Contemporary Reproductive Technologies

Susan Golombok 339


Chapter 12 The Transition to Parenting

Christoph M. Heinicke 363

Chapter 13 Stages of Parental Development

Jack Demick 389

Chapter 14 Personality and Parenting

Jay Belsky and Naomi Barends 415

Chapter 15 Parents' Knowledge and Expectations: Using What We Know

Jacqueline J. Goodnow 439

Chapter 16 Parental Monitoring and Knowledge of Children

Ann C. Crouter and Melissa R. Head 461

Chapter 17 Parent Beliefs Are Cognitions: The Dynamic Belief Systems Model

Irving E. Sigel and Ann V. McGillicuddy-De Lisi 485

Chapter 18 Parental Attributions

Daphne Blunt Bugental and Keith Happaney 509

Chapter 19 Parental Attitudes Toward Childrearing

George W. Holden and M. Jeanell Buck 537

Chapter 20 Psychoanalysis and Parenthood

Bertram J. Cohler and Susan Paul 563

Joy Of Modern Parenting Collection

Joy Of Modern Parenting Collection

This is a collection of parenting guides. Within this collection you will find the following titles: Issues, rule and discipline, self esteem and tips plus more.

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