Contents of Volume Practical Issues in Parenting


Chapter 1 The Ethics of Parenting

Diana Baumrind and Ross A. Thompson

Chapter 2 Parenting and Attachment

E. Mark Cummings and Jennifer S. Cummings 35

Chapter 3 Recent Developments in Our Understanding of Parenting: Bidirectional Effects, Causal Models, and the Search for Parsimony

Gerald R. Patterson and Philip A. Fisher 59

Chapter 4 Parenting and the Development of Children's Self-Regulation

Wendy S. Grolnick and Melanie Farkas 89

Chapter 5 Parenting and Children's Prosocial and Moral Development

Nancy Eisenberg and Carlos Valiente 111

Chapter 6 Parental Socialization and Children's Acquisition of Values

Joan E. Grusec 143

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